An Introduction to Norfolk Island

The history of Norfolk Island is steeped in the early history of Pacific Island explorers and the original penal colonies that the British government set up in Australia.

Norfolk Island did not have any native inhabitants when it was chosen by the British to become a penal colony to house its prisoners.

Its beginnings were violent to say the least, when it became the penal colony to house the most violent of the convicts who were transported to Australia.

Today, you can see the remains of this penal colony, with many of the buildings still standing or in ruins along the foreshore.


It had a reputation for being one of the most violent and hated places on earth. During this time another drama was unfolding that would have a dramatic affect on the future of the island.

The perpetrators of the mutiny on the bounty, when Fletcher Christian and his men set Capt William Bligh adrift in and open boat in the Cook islands, sailed the Bounty to Pitcairn Island , sunk her and started their lives on Pitcairn.

They were eventually discovered several years later and the perpetrators of the mutiny were incarcerated. Many of the decedents of the Bounty mutiny where moved to Norfolk Island where their descendants now live.

The Pitcairn islanders were a mixture of English men and Tahitian women and today there mixed cultures are easily recognisable.

Emily Bay, Norfolk Island

Today, Norfolk Island is a beautiful holiday destination. It enjoys a tax free status and shopping here is free from all state duties and GST.


A thriving tourist industry now provides the lively hood of most of the islanders with accommodation, restaurants and tours being their stock in trade. The local waters teem with fish and fishing charters are popular.

The islands farms provide most of the produce served here and regular flights are available from both Australia and New Zealand.

As a holiday destination, Norfolk Island is interesting, beautiful and easy to get to so if you want a short break close to either Brisbane or Sydney, come to Norfolk Island and enjoy a holiday.