Travel Insurance and the South Pacific

Nothing can be more thrilling than a trip to one of the Islands in the South Pacific.

As stunning and luxurious a trip to the other side of the world may be, don’t forget that Travel Insurance is an important part of the package.

South Pacific

Remember that the food is different, the climate is different, you may encounter wild and exotic animals. These are all areas that could lead to a claim on your travel insurance.

With such a warm climate, heavy storms and hurricanes/tornadoes are likely. The only thing worse than having to cut short your holiday or even cancel it because of the weather, is that you don’t receive a refund on the money that you have paid out.

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To help, here is a list of covers that you should look out for in a good quality travel policy.

Medical Expenses

Really the minimum sum insured you should look for is £10 Million. You never know what can happen whilst abroad, so it makes sense to take out cover for as much as possible.

Zika Virus

Repatriation cover 

Look for a policy that has at least £7500


A holiday to the south pacific is not going to be cheap. In the event you have to cancel make sure the sum insured covers the whole cost of the holiday

Personal Possessions

Whilst a lot of people have personal possessions covered under their household insurance, it pays to think about the possessions you will be taking. It is a good idea to photograph them (to prove you own them) and make a list of items and the cost to replace them. Will you be taking a laptop or ipad? mobile phone and camera?

Some travel insurers will not cover such items as standard and so you need to check to make sure you can add them.

Catastrophe cover

Travelling to an exotic place like the south pacific, means that at some point it will be subject to a tropical storm or even a hurricane. Some policies will provide benefits in the event that your holiday is ruined by a storm, or you accommodation is no longer habitable and you need to move or actually return home.

South Pacific Insurance

Missed Departure

An often overlooked section of cover. If you are travelling to catch a connecting flight and for some reason your mode of transport is delayed (another flight or a coach trip) This section provides additional benefit to cover the cost of an overnight stay or additional expenses to catch a later flight.

Liability Insurance

If you accidentally injure someone or damage their property, whilst on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is being sued or held for the damage. Liability insurance provides such protection and will take the hassle of settling any claims on your behalf.

Hospital Benefit

If you are unfortunate enough to end up in hospital, this section pays out an compensatory benefit for each day you are there.

Travel Assistance/Concierge Service

Not many policies offer this service, but travelling this far from home to a tropical environment, travel assistance and be really helpful. They have expertise in local customs, they can organise emergency currency, help with paper work, even find recommended places to eat at or visit.

Travel Insurance

Enjoy your holiday, but take a little time to prepare and make sure you have the best travel insurance policy that you can afford, one that provides the best benefits to help you when on vacation.