What about Fiji Island?

Fiji Island

For Australians, the islands of Fiji have long been a favourite holiday destination. Travel to the South Pacific Islands is easy with regular flights and the climate, especially during the southern winter, is particularly inviting.

Fiji is only three and a half hours flying time from Australia’s east coast so it is within easy reach. Fiji consists of a archipelago of over three hundred tropical islands located to the east of Vanuatu. Some of these are volcanic in nature, while others are coral atolls.

fiji islands

Most of the holiday resorts are on Fiji’s largest island which is called Viti Levu. Suva on the west coast, is the capital city and Fiji’s international airport is at Nadi on the west coast. All around the island of Viti Lavu, you will find excellent holiday resorts.

The Coral Coast lies on the south west corner around the town of Sigatoka. This is a picturesque region where many beautiful resorts have been built. Close to Nadi, the island of Denarau is connected to Viti levu via a causeway and the coastal region here is packed with beautiful holiday resorts.

Viti Levu

Fiji Viti Levu

Lying of the west coast are two groups of islands. The Mamanuka Islands and the Yasawa Island both have idyllic resorts located on many small islands in these two groups. They are connected to the mainland by regular ferry services.

These islands are a tropical paradise in their own right with fantastic coral reefs, protected waters and magnificent resorts. Some of the other islands with beautiful resorts include Vanua Levu, Tavanui and the Lomaiviti Islands. Islands in the south of Fiji including Davui Island and Vatulele Island also have wonderful holiday resorts and accommodation.


Fiji is a member of the British commonwealth and a place where the local island people have taken to western sports with great enthusiasm. The Fijian Rugby team is always one of the hardest to beat and their players are now part of many teams throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Politically the island enjoys some trials and tribulations with a succession of military coups ousting elected governments and creating some uncertainty. This has not, however detracted from the islands appeal as a holiday destination as far as Australians are concerned. The island is currently administered by the military after the latest of these coups. The Fijian Council of Chiefs is also revered among the islanders and the opinions of the chiefs appears to be taken into account by government.

Fiji is a major stopover for trans Pacific flights from Australia to the USA. This in part, contributes to it popularity, giving passengers the opportunity for a stop off along the way to break the long flight into easier sections and the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful of the Pacific Island nations. With is beautiful resorts, easy access and friendly people, Fiji will always be a favourite holiday destination for Australian holiday makers headed for the South Pacific.